We offer a comprehensive range of HR services to cater to your specific needs, including:

Short-Term / Contract Staffing

An employee hired for short term or contract staffing is only with the company on a temporary basis. This solution is flexible and scalable. It focuses on the immediate needs of the company in the short run such as for an exhibition, roadshow, or event. Some companies may also have short term/contract staff in order to support their full time employees to prevent them from being stretched too thin.

Permanent Placement / Executive Search

An employee hired through permanent staffing or executive search works full time with a set work week. The process to hire one will be more stringent and time consuming, as the companies aim for a candidate which fits with their values, as well as workplace culture. At DHC, we will tailor our hiring process to the wants and needs of our clients, this to ensure the quality of the hires we put forward as well as maximum compatibility.

HR Advisory

Staying up to date on the latest HR practices and labour regulations can be a headache, so why not come to us? We have a team of experienced HR personnel on hand to counsel as well as offer advice to all of our clients. HR Advisors can also provide insights into conducting interviews, along with drafting company policies, and even lend a hand in researching performance evaluation methods. Overall, they serve as consultants who aim to promote relations between employers and employees and improve HR processes.

Payroll Services

Ensuring your employee’s wages and tax are paid on time is crucial when it comes to abiding by labour practices. And payroll services aim to either assist or assume this responsibility on behalf of employers. Through the usage of such services, companies can have an ease of mind, especially if they don’t have an in-house payroll service.


Constant upskilling is vital to professional growth, and companies too can benefit from their employee’s expanded skill set or improved proficiency. While it may be difficult to find a trainer that is suitable for your organisation, let us at DHC handle that for you. Simply tell us the goals of the training session for your team, including any specific courses you would prefer and we will arrange something to suit your needs.