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Who We Are

Dynamic Human Capital connects talents to earnest employers who are serious about taking steps to grow together. Working closely with esteemed organizations, we unearth potential gems for each client’s recruitment needs.

Our Objectives

Successful pairings of the right candidates and dedicated employers set forth blossoming relationships towards meeting our unified goals. At Dynamic Human Capital, we echo the sentiments of your organization to groom each instrumental player in the team.

Our Beliefs

With our keen nose and expertise on industry knowledge and market assessments, our experienced team play the role of strategic advisors to each candidate and organizations from multi-faceted industries. With our heart closely on the pulse of every organization’s talent placement needs, we provide a comprehensive suite of services to acquire the right personnel for the ideal fit.

Our professional team pay close attention to what our candidates are seeking for in their work life, and analyze each individual through talent assessments. Understanding their work desires and experience, we synergize to plan their dream careers together, matching each person to the ideal workplace and allowing each seed to thrive.

Our Expertise

What We Do

Our experience and specialization take us through scores of potential human resources that could be that instrumental player in your organization. As strategic advisors, our goal is to suss out the right personnel to be the right fit in diverse industries.
We pride ourselves with a seamless approach to facilitate the pursuit of individuals who are serious about their career.

How We Can Help

Establishing positive relationships is core in our human resource business. Because of our valuable experiences with internal and external stakeholders, successful pairings of candidates and clients have come our way through word of mouth introduction.

We are thankful for such valued affirmation and trust of our service. Our ongoing vision to continue playing this influential role in contributing to the workforce is the driving force behind what we do.


With our broad spectrum expertise in seeking the right candidates to fit your organization’s needs, filling the shoes of respective skill sets, experience, knowledge and technical requirements are part of what we do. Our profile of candidates cater to individual roles mapped out by the client, to provide resources for positions including full-time, part-time, contract, permanent and skilled flexi work force.
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Esteemed and established clients form the core of our business networks. Working closely with employers who are genuinely interested in paving the future together with each employee, we are the bridge to match-make both parties and to help each candidate reach their personal career goals.

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Our Team

TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More

We are humbled to have outstanding individuals in our team who are serious in what they do. Akin to our business partners, we work together hand-in-hand to achieve our goals as one.

Our consultants are experienced, proficient and dedicated. Entrusted with the responsibilities of building and managing their panel of clienteles and forging long-term relationships with their candidates, each consultant is an integral part of what we do. As a team, we work together to offer effective and efficient recruitment solutions to meet each of our clients’ requirements.


Be part of us! We offer full-time and flexi-work options to our team of consultants, and would be happy to discuss your career opportunities with us.

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